The Confessions of St. Augustine for the new millenium. A Christian's struggles with bi-sexuality, loneliness and other demons from his past.
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June 15, 2004 by thorninmyflesh
Friendships can be categorised. You know, things like the Best Friend, the Gay Buddy, the Coffee Partner, and the Nosy Neighbour. Amidst my unconventional life however, begets a new category of friendship - The Spiritual FB (as for the mysterious initials, well I won't reveal the less-then-family-friendly nature behind them, but it would be made apparent as the passage continues.)

Yes, the FB is basically a friend whom you have sexual tension with, and basically agrees to relieve it togethe...
June 4, 2004 by thorninmyflesh
God's Word is His sperm.

Sex is a physical reflection of the divine intimacy that is experienced between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Sex originated from God and was a way which He used to communicate to us the kind of intimacy he desires with humaity. Far from being impure, sex is entirely holy and, unlike other expressions of love, does not simply remain in one realm (e.g., the physical, emotional or spiritual realm) but spills out into all aspects of the human being. Much as physica...
June 4, 2004 by thorninmyflesh
It is not easy wanting to hump cute men, while at the same time having religious principles that tell you whatever you're doing is abhorent. What exarcebates the situation, is the fact that I'm far from being a nominal Christian, I have preached in church and served in the ministry all this time.

I do believe homosexuality is wrong, even though refusing to embrace it seems to be a betrayal of my natural instincts. It is frustrating to know I can never be part of the GLBT community as a wh...
June 3, 2004 by thorninmyflesh
The urge to sleep with men isn't just a mere preference of which gender to screw. The issue is not just confined to sexuality but somehow encompass an entire lifestyle.

In other words, I do not exist in isolation. By proclaiming I like men as well as women, I am interpellated into a whole community encompassing very specific discourses, history and semiotics. Queer Eye for a Straight Guy may have thrust a subculture into the forefront of media cool, but I do believe a lot of the exaggerate...
June 2, 2004 by thorninmyflesh
Ricky Martin is nowhere to be found. The star quality of William Hung shines so bright amidst his spastic gyrations and horrendous singing in his rendition of She Bangs, effective relegating Ricky to the pit of obscurity.

However, before the myth of Ricky Martin fades away, I intend to resurrect this trifling little issue on his sexuality.

It is not my intent to make a 'is he, is he not' kind of prognosis. Instead, I will work from the premise that he is indeed gay and that the rumour...
June 1, 2004 by thorninmyflesh
I am a sinner. These are my confessions.

I look back at my past, to ponder on why I am who I am today. My frailty is astounding, as minor issues revertebrating across eternity - spying on my maid taking her bath, being the smelly kid in school, becoming the object of inexperienced parental errors in lieu of being firstborn - its impact increasing with the momentum of time. Force upon force. Tenacity upon tenacity.

And upon collision at some later date, I shatter into smithereens. My s...